Area one, two, and three, all have a natural measure plus three watts, one thousand watts, and minus fifty three watts from natural ambient for buildings blocking other wifi signals or cellular data in the city area. The rule suggests that the natural rule, light and radio and some combination of uline energy, feed all the life of earth, most of it anyway, and that a natural measure of energy, though less complex as indicated, the DNA of the rule steps,


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The combination of energy factors attributed some measure relative to perhaps other forces in the area, perhaps- similar. the measure here, electromegnetic or other ley line productios. a simeple surface hugging radio signal, has a lot of spray. The srpya appears to be affilaited with spirit making and perhaps the arc of life for a small area.

The concern for men pretending to be rule is express, multiple governments, and men of corpoations all moving very carefully with electric weapons. The excessive rule is shown to have symptoms, (SARs or RS could be deadly) that can create runners, or stalkers, and this appears to be exploited as a rule violation taking advantage of by another agreement among men.

People live in each area dewscribed above. Area 4 is natural energy and encompasses most of what is shown there. Natural energy can be like camping. In certain places I note some spirit activity is possible where it is not in other places.


The oath of science is important. That like life adjusts to natural rule, certain conditions make the rule, or excessive weapons or monitoring energy feel like torture or something else, a mind control weapon.

These rule deviations cause people many symptoms and like other weapons, once measured, might have been difficult to explain. The natural rule is not argued, that natural light or radio of stars and other things... but that which is placed for reasons of one TIG or another.

The oath of science, is taken to the natural rule, and by the scientisits of earth, they are also told the rule, knowing that excessive energy conditions might be like the devil the way they feel, and certain might feel holy, to most seeking comfort in life. Whether they can define it or not.

The rule argued here is physcial variable, found after measure, and where it known to show direction, or perhaps play games, and perhaps tell stories among one another, fun.

The argued rule here is against a weapons use, and their for the exact amount of energy is required when measured, be understood or found by field technicians, their has been shown across multi parties to relive symptoms in these areas.

the issue here,

Science knows natural rule. Keep science output here. Ethical scientist. Raise you hand and consider the light and radio touching your hand. king with no clothes the rule you see and know your ethical science.

the other rule, --> excessive stuff. electronic warfare or other considerations.

- RULE + conditions.

+ Condition has symptom. Ethical scientist will debate about locals or nearby other projects.

Now aruable.

I have the kowledge of good and evil, and now ethical science.

I can argue ethics and harm, proving signals and locating field proximity. I Know what dangerous radiation does to people, from natural and unnatural man made sources. I have on three occasions removed people from rule proximity violating weapons, meaning they make hurt or do harm causing psychiatric disorder... and found immediate relief of conditions.

SARS is from apple iphone user manual. I use RS instead of SARS, a measure radio saturation and discharge from radio energy in watts for kilogram of flesh, and to find schools at risk with communities for developing autism or other radio spectrum disorders.
  • I have built a busines locating the nature of safe or not so safe areas, called Marley LABS.
  • Which areas whould the rule argue are unsafe?
  • Which areas would the rule argue a person is more likey to have experiences with ghosts, or less likely.
  • Which areas have excessive or deadly outputs that could require further investigation?
  • Which areas are the natural ley lines found (unexplainable for those who understand.) Why are they dangerous.
  • The rule of science, ethical science is what? Why is it neceesary?
  • Under certain conditions of rule present, demons appear to be possible. Even after life. Why?
  • Can you name other rule violations for ethical scientists?
(consider location and other ifnromation when seeking purity of oath. in one location or another, the influences present might have some problmes or not. i the court room of one government or anothe the data are the people in the room and the walls with some meaning, and oath in the woodlands, is what is in the sorouding areas? and oath to science, one might be near therio inventions, or more. datais important, and consider, the oath to what is natural, i added measure to the observation, for the chapter, and that measure of rule is the equation, under one early working with it presentation and experiment or another.)