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Theory of Relativity (ToR) v2020
RULEing the World with data continuum presence for 3 years! (1st place america!)
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You can celebrate online at YouTube! By searching for music videos "Rule the World."
The 2020 (visual accuity) celebration is in 6 months for this science team!
A tribute to showing the worlds science laboratories the RULE and the Temple of Governace. Like other pages, right click view source for page notes.


ToR Model v2019
Philosophy of Time and Light
RULE and the Natural Sciences
Piece ToR Piece
ToTLR Model (Time Light Radio)

My Projects

Quantum Bell Inc.

Data Models

Gravity Model (ToR USA)
Space Time Model
Solar Mass Cycle
Solar Water Cycle


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Extensible ToR Modular

Classroom sessions available.
This link offers to date, seven months of recorded classroom presentations.
In the coming year, data will be produced and offered as extra curricular evaluations.

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The authorities stated "we have not ruled the problem out," and the scientist later located the energy cross section of an unhealthy rule environment.

Contribute to the RULE Sciences! Ask Questions, contribute, and read about plans for continued development from 2018 through 2022. Espionage is a crime. Theft is a crime. Send an email or contact MarleyLABS and Quantum Bell Inc. to discuss the projects, ask for information, or otherwise discuss a concern. timelightrelativity@gmail.com.

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