RULE Sciences
September 2019

The RULE Sciences And overview of topics for discussion. The first conferance will be held in this building, and subsequent RULE sciences discussions will be announced on the website.

The presentation will be for 1 hour, This introduction to the RULE sciences is new discovery, and part of research spnanning more than decade. After this presenation, i am inviting you to particpate withthe development of the sciences and to further build the web property and other attributed sciences. This is over view of a conference series I will offer and record. While in this conference, I will berecording the speech and presentation information for evaluation and presentation later.

This section is still in development and the outline will be ready prior to the conferance.

A recording of this conference will be left here for other to evaluate if they are unable to attend.

Questions: Real World Problems

Problem: A mafia man comes into town, and deploys with his friends and foriegn conspirators a weapon on the power lines and under the homes. The extra radio energy, a microwave, makes people sick and is targting every home in the area, including schools. This is termed a microwave on a wire, or a MOWer program. The company then watches people get sick and moves in to steal their assets or kill their friends and family to steal their assets and make money transferring intellgience back to the nations supporting the ront line, after comprimsing the doctors and police. The officers they are friends with, process the bodies and the people into morgues as they get sick or die, including graveyards and hospitals systems, or prisons and jails, while refusing to help the people remove the weapon and on stand by to encourage SCUD flights asgint the county. The man investigating determines he wants to adhere the RULE, but their is no rule in place to argue the weapon, or men to enforce that rule, that are not already using the weapon with the domestic and foriegn enemy. He determines he will knock on the front door of the organized crime group, to ask then to ivestigate their own wqeapons use and to turn the weapon off. Reasonsing that if the men turn of the radio wepaons, then the radio energy in the area is no longer deadly or making people sick and hospitalizig people. How would you argue the RULE for the safety pof these people, after proving the deployemnt locations for each weapon in use.

Discussion: The man is clearly exploiting the RULE to some advnatage that is not measureable as natural energy environment, idenitfying a science or weapons use. This means either the science has exploited an natural codition of the RULE to some advantage that is not qualified as safe, or perhaps that the criminal has added so much dangerous radio weapons energy of one type or another to the evironment, and with purpose of harm, making money, or ... Their is a natural RULE measurable, and then excessive radio energy measurable, and idenitfying a study indicating a problem of radioweapons bombardment as symptoms, that also qualified across the ealry presentation for managing by science equation. To serve the Natural rule, I would assail the weapons use, Returning the area back to life sustaining environment with radio or other energy measurements tolerable to life among area energy readings; thus pleasing the dieties or gods, and managing the output of man made technology away from sequence to life on earth, or that consequence from other technology relative to known baseline measurement. The natural energy measurement for my position on earth, using the uline method, might not be the same as mars or the moon considering natural reference. The adherance to the rule is not as defeined by men, but by the creators or the places i find life, by rule scientist. The measurement for the area, using a uLINE, demonstrates way to understand the measurement as this was added, this is not added. And where understood over long periods of time at one position or another, i can argue what has been added or if anything has been added at all to one environment or another, and determine what is causing the problem. The RULE I am serving, Some might state that I am serving Marley's RULE! If measurement of city area or forrst area is compared, how would I serve the RULE? And without all this added radio by men indciating a variance from natural, whose rule am i measuring in the past, and how did i protect or enforce the natural RULE today? So i please the natural RULE by turning off my wiFI router? Actually, yes. And if i live on a radar system? YOu could get sick from too much radio energy, or die; the RULE would have killed you for not knowing the difference, specifically, too suffering the consequence of too much radio energy as part of the RUL measurement, and for not believing it could do harm relating to the energy condition and conseqeunce to the flesh in that area.

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