Theory of Relativity (ToR) v2020
RULEing the World with data continuum presence for 3 years! (1st place america!)
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A tribute to showing the worlds science laboratories the RULE and the Temple of Governace. Like other pages, right click view source for page notes.


ToR Model v2019
Philosophy of Time and Light
RULE and the Natural Sciences
Piece ToR Piece
ToTLR Model (Time Light Radio)

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Quantum Bell Inc.

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Gravity Model (ToR USA)
Space Time Model
Solar Mass Cycle
Solar Water Cycle


Breadth of RULE
Help me RULE: Physics
Help me RULE: Physical Sciences
Help me RULE: Astronomy
Help me RULE: Oceanography
Help me RULE: Ecology
Help me RULE: Law
Help me RULE: Flight Concepts
Help me RULE: Political Science

Extensible ToR Modular

Marley's RULE

Is it really Marleys's RULE? Yes. I own my perspective of the RULE.

Adapting the RULE for Government

The government of "some construction," could be any government. What does it look like? Is it the construction of cellphone governing a spark, or the construction of a temple, Maybe a car engine governing metal and combustion to produce force... or even the construction of men among those items. The indicated rule, and the government presentation, helps me to identify by building a reference, a way to understand using the rule to operate some perspective of a government; ay government among men. The adaptation and linkage, where the RULE is interpreted might have some use in the United States, Europe, China, Russia, or other places, as the RULE sciences develop, as more than a science equation but applied across various types of RULE. It is written in the stars, isent it? The science presented on the ToR website is basic introduction to TOR symbology. The Applied approach after learning application from discovery to what might be governace is varied, and the presnetation here is specific to using that rule to manage as a leader of a nation. The rule is complex, meaning, there is more in the spectrum uline observation than the rule, or radio and light. The Mule is a prime example of a union near the combined construction of a RULE observation for Magnetism, u line, light. A concern for affecting rotary dynamics the result of weight, or soceital issues of mass processing during the period of solar industrialization for man kind presnmet a world government use for mathematical observations. Like other surafecs of the solar system shaped by the rule into spheres, our species is also a biological process working the surface of a planet. As a leader, an example of applying the rule for government has me take a measurment in one area every day, of energy understood like a cross section, and then gather typical readings. Then idenitify hot spot from data. Argue the natural RULE after researching the cause. As governor, i can say this condition is natural and sustainable for life, that perhaps the other condition causes sickness. The infromation ispresnetd to leadership, and i learn tio manage according to the reality of the problem affecting people, or encourage innovation within some thresh hold of tolerance. The leardership is supported by the data, and it helps the government maintain a pearl by dimming certain radio orother intensities in the community. It also helps me understand early continuum mangement topics. An example of continuum management by government execing ot be here for another ten years, is the observation of light leaving the planet... like the stars we see in the sky can be billions of years old someday. Our data streams naturally into space from our actions the reuslt of the sun and other lights at night. A manager, might see the issue of chemtrails and think some species in space try to kill us someday if the men are still alive when we arrive same way, and we repsond accordingly. The continuum indicating our actions for response did result. Alien might not say, we kill men that way. In continuum observation, our people survived incident and our actions placed into the continuum our response. We manage the continuum data problem, knowing that response was neccessary. Garden planet defense, by men.

Adapting Other Scientists and Laboratories

If their work is correct, my work should validate, if my work is correct, their work should validate. if not, why?
  • This is where i look at others people pscysics homework, and see if it is compatible as ext, mod, or make corrections.
  • this is where i compare einstien to Marley's RULE models.
Adapting the RULE for Oath

This section describes how to take an oath on the RULE continuum (time light continuum, the fabric of space time), how it is used in court, and for service to a community or state and as a scientist resolving should i make more products or make it better and how?
  • Scientific OATH at Quantum Bell Inc.
  • OATH of RULE Governance for the Elluminati
  • OATH of RULE for Service
Adapting the RULE for Safety or Defense

The danger of violating Natural RULE Measurement (Marley's rule) for life.
  • Energy cross sections can kill or give life. (too much rule energy, radio and light measureable as relative cross section.)
  • Laser lights in the eyes. Eyes get hurt.
  • Too many microwaves pointed at people, they get sick.
  • Too many rules among nations in a given town, people get hurt.
  • It can kill you and your laboratory.
  • Too little healthy energy cross section, and we could die.
  • Too much energy rule cross section in an area, I wear a radiation suit.
  • I have to use special shielding when someone uses a radio weapon on me.
    (is defense form the rule. not like leadership, like microwave radio or soemthing)
  • ...
Adapting the RULE for Medicine
  • Radio or Sonar technologies and affect on biology.
  • Curatives
  • Non Invasive Surgeries
  • ...
Adapting the RULE for Flight Or Transport Technologies
  • Floating trays and cars
  • Signaling
  • ...
Adapting the RULE to solve Environmental Problems

The danger of violating Natural RULE Measurement (Marley's rule) for life.
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
Using the rule to understand other sciences

Help me RULE:
  • Physics
  • Physical Sciences...
  • Astronomy
  • Oceanography
  • Ecology
  • Law
  • Flight Concepts
  • Political Science
  • ...
  • ... earn money solving problmes of the rule.
    More ways to Apply the RULE according to Science Principle.
    • ...
    • ...

    :) ... everybody wants to RULE the world.
    Welcome to the RULE Sciences.

    Government design, and where the rule is being understood with various sections of government,. No need to affect directly the other governments, utnil I resolve best way to apply the rule.

Contribute to the RULE Sciences! Ask Questions, contribute, and read about plans for continued development from 2018 through 2022. Espionage is a crime. Theft is a crime. Send an email or contact MarleyLABS and Quantum Bell Inc. to discuss the projects, ask for information, or otherwise discuss a concern.

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