Theory of Relativity (ToR) v2019
Celebrating an online presence from 2012 to 2019+,

You can celebrate online at YouTube! By searching for music videos "Rule the World."
The 2020 (visual accuity) celebration is in 6 months for this science team!
A tribute to showing the worlds science laboratories the RULE and the Temple of Governace.

Extensible ToR Modular

ToR v2016, A Natural RULE v2018.1!

An American born perspective for a theory of relativity, the ToTLR (ToR) is celebrating more than 5 years online! Model, began unofficial development public prior to 2010, and made a first mention in 2012. And just keeps getting better as it is amended; help learn to open source this model among responsible science and those contributions by participating scientists! Theory of relativity is enjoying over 5 years online!

A successful study of time, radio, and light will discover a natural perspective of Mass and RULE. +Michael Marley