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Theory of Time Light Relativity 2018!

An American born perspective for a theory of relativity, the ToTLR Model, began unofficial development prior to 2010, and made a first mention in 2012.

A successful study of time, radio, and light will discover a natural perspective of RULE. +Michael

The first presentation was not nearly complete and needed a lot of work (and still does). Several years later, from the Theory of Relativity, Time Light Relativity was discovered. After witnessing an event in the sky late in the evening in 2014-2015, while working in Florida, QuanTunnel Model was first described in 2015. Since the development of QuanTunnel, the Theory of Time Light Relativity (ToTLR) is moving ever closer to a draft version ready for public presentation. Work on the Theory of Time Light Relativity is offered as a perspective tithed to the rule over RULE. Information is available as instructed. (ToR) is an Operating unit of Quantum Bell Inc. Do not peak! Discover your own perspective of the RULE. The RULE is Radio, uLine, Light = Energy; This a principle of our research groups for the ToTLR Quantunnel Framework, and Theory of Relativity research; Discovered during more than 5 years of daily Time relative. The RULE discovered is one of the oldest in the Universe, it was here before our star and planets were born; and is what makes stars and planets spherical, establishes that stars have shadows, contributes to gravity with similar space time modeling as predicted by classical research, helps planets power and retain their atmospheres near this star or others, and powers the water and mass cycle of the planets of solar systems, and much more! You can contribute to research by contacting Quantum Bell Inc.. The RULE is also used to establihs natural for management decisions at the Government of anARCH.

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